• 30 Days Refund policy Applicable only the first month of activation of the service with shared hosting.
  • Refund policy not applicable to Service renewal. So, Please renew your hosting only if you are fully satisfied.
  • Registering a domain, transfer a domain, or renew domain is non-refundable as per ICANN rules & regulations. So Please don’t contact us regarding this matter.
  • All Dedicated Servers (PPD Servers, Storage Servers, Gaming Servers) and also addon of order like WHM/cPanel license are non-refundable.
  • No refund policy with All VPS Products (Unmanaged or Managed) including cPanel/WHM license or Softaculous license and or any other addons.
  • All types of Addons are completely non-refundable like cPanel/WHM license, Cloudlinux license, Softaculous License, Litespeed Web Server License, Etc..
  • All Setup fees applied to any products are non-refundable.